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A single custom Medium page to display blog content.


Display custom blog content with a blog page build!

With your help, our marketing strategists will create a Medium profile and publication page to host your blog content.

Creating engaging and current blog content is essential to establish yourself as an authority in your field, as well as in the forefront of your customers’ minds when they are ready to buy.


If you have images of your logo or of your business, our Digital Agency can use them to customize your Medium profile, or a stock image can be selected by our team.

  • Increase brand awareness; when customers search for information related to your product or service, they’ll find your blog and expertise.
  • Solidify your web presence and encourage customers to visit your website.
  • Build relationships with your customers. Having a blog page and up-to-date blogs can deliver important messaging to your potential customers.
  • check_circleCreate a location and content to share on social media to increase reach.

Blog Page Build

  • Why do I need a blog page build?

    Blog pages are essential for posting your blogs, and for providing linkbacks to your social media pages.


    Who maintains my page?

    Our Marketing Services will access your page to post any blogs created by our team through one of our multiple blog post offerings. Additional maintenance is at the your discretion.


    Who will create content to fill the blog page?

    We have multiple blog post offerings in our marketplace. Please contact your account administrator for more information.


    Can I access my blog?

    Yes. You will be given your credentials upon request if you do not already have them.

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