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Easily promote and publish event listings on Google search, Amazon Alexa and social media.


Burbio is an event sharing platform that provides businesses with an easy way to create, track and promote their events. A business owner can easily import their existing events calendar into Burbio or create and publish events right through the platform. The online calendar gets your events on Google search, Amazon Alexa and social media. Watch our video below to learn more!


  • Take advantage of improved SEO for your events in local Google searches.
  • Automatically get all your events on the Burbio skill for Amazon Alexa.
  • Simple calendar set up allows you to pull in events from Facebook page, Google Calendar or other website iCal calendars.
  • This includes unlimited promotion of all events on your calendar!
  • And take advantage of easy social media sharing tools.

Burbio for Event Promotion | Monthly

  • If I already have my events on a calendar do I have to re-enter them on Burbio?

    Probably not. As long as your events are on a calendar that Burbio can integrate with there will be no need to manually enter events. Burbio integrates with Facebook Events, Google Calendar, website Calendar widgets with iCal subscription feature (i.e., The Events Calendar, Tockify, All-in-One Event Calendar, etc) and others.


    What if an event on my calendar gets changed or cancelled? Do I have to change it on Burbio too?

    Probably not. If your Burbio calendar is set upas a feed, all events will automatically update on Burbio when the source calendar changes. You will only need to update the event on Burbio if it was entered manually.


    I already have a website, so why do I need Burbio for Event Promotion?

    Your website is only good for people who have already heard about a business in the past. Burbio allows your business to get discovered by new customers by displaying your events when people search for events in the area and also by including your business in Burbio's website and iPhone app.


    Does Burbio for Event Promotion integrate with my website?

    Yes, Burbio for Event Promotion gives a business owner the ability to integrate their Burbio event calendar directly onto their website or to sync the iCal feed from their website calendar into Burbio.

    What are the country and language parameters?

    Burbio for Event Promotion is available in the US in English.


    Is there a way to push the Burbio calendar to my business website?

    Yes, every business' calendar on Burbio has an iCal feed. So if your website calendar accepts an iCal calendar import (as most calendar widgets do) your Burbio calendar can be used. Additionally, Burbio offers an embedded calendar via an iFrame.


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