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Have our experts walk you through your online dashboard.


Give your clients a thorough introduction to their online dashboard with a Dashboard Walkthrough!


Need help? Before taking full advantage of the solutions you've purchased, it helps to get acquainted with all of their features and benefits.


Over a virtual screen share, a marketing strategist will walk you step-by-step through your online Dashboard and can showcase any of the products you've purchased. This includes the reputation, social, and listings dashboards. This is extremely helpful for DIY clients!


Up to a one-hour session. Requires the client to be on a computer with a high-speed internet connection.


  • Receive additional training beyond an onboard call; we'll help you engage with the solutions you've purchased.
  • Customized based on your needs. Choose from a variety of dashboard options.
  • A perfect addition to a quarterly business review.

Dashboard Walkthrough

  • What's required in order for this service to be performed?

    You'll need to have access to your dashboard beforehand. Please let us know if you're having issues logging in.


    What specifically can be covered during the dashboard walkthrough?

    This varies depending on your business's needs. In general, the agent can: review Listing Builder (My Listing, Google Insights, Listing Distribution, Listing Sync Pro, and Business Profile), review all of the tabs of information in Reputation Management, review Social Marketing (show the client how to connect their social sites), and answer any questions you have about using these dashboards.


    How is this service performed?

    The agent will use screen share software over a high-speed internet connection. The agent will provide meeting details via email after scheduling a meeting time. It's required that you must be in front of a computer in order to receive this service.

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