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Online service & menu listing management


Menu Sync by SinglePlatform makes it easy to for a business to showcase and update listing information beyond name, address and phone number, on the top search engines, review sites, online listing directories, social media sites and mobile apps.

By adding and enhancing business listings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Zomato and more, you'll help consumers further their discovery beyond basic business information. We publish on dozens of sites that are used by over 200 million people and often, consumers are looking for detailed information like a menu, list of products or services and prices.


  • Did you know that 49% of searches for a local business occur every day without a specific business in mind?
  • A staggering 86% of consumers want to see what a business has to offer, like a menu or service list, before making a purchase decision.
  • Within a day of performing a mobile search, 50% of consumers visit the business!
  • Menu Sync's enhanced listings provide consumers with the content they are searching for—like a list of products, services or menu items.
  • Menu Sync allows your business to maintain a consistent message across all your channels.

Menu Sync

  • Where will a business be listed by using Menu Sync powered by SinglePlatform?

    Menu Sync by SinglePlatform works with all of the major publishers like Google, Yahoo, TripAdvisor, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, OpenTable, Yellowpages, Facebook and many more. Menu Sync by SinglePlatform will also list a business various local networks like AroundMe, ShowMeLocal, Menuism, etc.


    How can a business change their offerings?

    There are two ways a business can change their offerings. The first is they can manually go in and edit any updates themselves. The second option is to email the Menu Sync by SinglePlatform support team and have their team make the updates. Any updates done by the support team will reflect within 24-48 hours of the initial submission.


    Will Menu Sync create business listings?

    Menu Sync by SinglePlatform will currently create listings on Google, Yelp, Foursquare,, Facebook, TripAdvisor and Zomato. Some publishers require owner verification on their listings. We suggest a business claims their own listings on these publishers. Claiming listings will ensure a speedier pick-up time.


    What can be tracked through Menu Sync analytics?

    The analytics provided by Menu Sync by SinglePlatform allows business owners like you to track metrics like new and returning customers, the type of device they used to find a local business, and where these customers are located when they perform a search.


    My business already has a website, so why do I need Menu Sync?

    The majority of businesses who use Menu Sync by SinglePlatform do have websites. However, a website is only useful for consumers who already know about you. Menu Sync allows gets your business discovered by new customers by displaying your offerings on all of the channels where customers are doing their research.


    What are the country and language parameters?

    Menu Sync works for businesses in the United States and Canada in English and French.

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