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Easily add an additional 10 keywords to your existing SEO Network campaign.


Businesses on our SEO Network have expressed an interest in adding keywords to their campaign. This program gives an additional 10 keywords for any active SEO Network user looking for additional coverage on the search engines.


  • Additional content pages will be written for each of the 10 new keywords and added right to you site as soon as they are completed.
  • Additional keywords means additional coverage. Now you can target all of the important search markets with the network without compromise.
  • With double the number of article pages, Google will be index a more robust site that has grown in size and authority over time.

SEO Network | Add 10 Keywords

  • Do we need to make changes to the website?

    New content will be added to the site but we will not need to update the code if the network code was placed in the site previously.


    Can this package be purchased alone?

    No, you must have an existing SEO Network project active to add this package.


    Do my keywords need to be localized?

    We recommend that businesses who operate locally include their location in the keyword. Our program works the same way for all types of keywords but localized keyword search terms will bring in more relevant traffic and will have fewer competitors to surpass.

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