Promote your brand for a month with micro-influencer marketing on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


There is no better customer than one who bought from you because a trusted connection recommended them to you. Imagine having many people recommend your business. Simple Social Share does just that by harnessing the power of micro-influencer marketing for businesses like yours. This app option is best for business that do not require geographic targeting for their campaigns.


  • No marketing or technical knowledge is needed. Simply complete a short questionnaire, and we do the rest.
  • Accountable results. Access to real-time reporting outlining how your campaign is performing. You will see how many people saw your campaign, how many clicked over to your website and much more.
  • Affordable Pricing. Get the power of micro-influencer marketing and fraction of the price Fortune 5000 companies normally pay to implement an influencer campaign.
  • Save hundreds of hours of time creating and managing your micro-influencer campaign with Simple Social Share.

Simple Social Share | Monthly

  • Do I have to know anything about influencer marketing to use your service?

    No. Simple Social Share was designed to take the complexity out of setting up, running and optimizing an influencer campaign. When you start your subscription, you will only need to answer a couple of easy questions.


    How long does it take to get my influencer campaign running?