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Promote your brand for a month with micro-influencer marketing on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


There is no better customer than one who bought from you because a trusted connection recommended them to you. Imagine having many people recommend your business. Simple Social Share does just that by harnessing the power of micro-influencer marketing for businesses like yours. This app option is best for business that do not require geographic targeting for their campaigns.


  • No marketing or technical knowledge is needed. Simply complete a short questionnaire, and we do the rest.
  • Accountable results. Access to real-time reporting outlining how your campaign is performing. You will see how many people saw your campaign, how many clicked over to your website and much more.
  • Affordable Pricing. Get the power of micro-influencer marketing and fraction of the price Fortune 5000 companies normally pay to implement an influencer campaign.
  • Save hundreds of hours of time creating and managing your micro-influencer campaign with Simple Social Share.

Simple Social Share | Monthly

  • Do I have to know anything about influencer marketing to use your service?

    No. Simple Social Share was designed to take the complexity out of setting up, running and optimizing an influencer campaign. When you start your subscription, you will only need to answer a couple of easy questions.


    How long does it take to get my influencer campaign running?

    After you complete your sign-up process, it will take approximately five (5) business days for us to set up your influencer campaign. Once live, you will begin to see invitations going out to prospective micro-influencers. This happens regularly throughout your subscription.


    Do I need to optimize my campaign regularly?

    No. Once you complete the easy setup process (as outlined above), you’re done. We do all the work for you.


    How often is performance data updated?

    Your dashboard is updated regularly. It contains performance data including:

    • The number of micro-influencers invited to your campaign
    • The percentage of micro-influencers, accept and participate in your campaign
      • Prospects, which learned about you
      • Prospects, who visited your website
      • Number of influencers who successfully promoted you
      • The number of Twitter® tweets delivered
      • The number of Facebook® interactions delivered


    How long can a campaign run?

    Your influencer campaign runs as long as your subscription is active. The longer your campaign runs, the greater chance you have of getting micro-influencers with higher Brand Values accepting and promoting your content.


    Can I see which micro-influencers shared my content and where?

    Yes! Both are available, via your dashboard report. Simply click on the # of participating influencers. When clicked, a dropdown list of participating influencers will appear, along with links to where they posted your content within their social networks.


    I am a Canadian company, but target the US market. Can I participate?

    Yes! Our micro-influencers are located within the United States. If you are targeting this market and wish to use micro-influencers to promote your content, then Simple Social Share is your solution.


    How are influencers selected for my campaign?

    When an influencer registers on the Simple Social Share platform, they complete an exhaustive survey outlining their interests and the industry where they have experience. In addition, they connect their social accounts to our platform. Once these steps are completed, Simple Social Share analyzes this data, along with many other data inputs, to determine the influencer’s Brand Value score.

    The Brand Value score directly determines how much an influencer is paid for each customer campaign that they share with their social media following.

    When a customer creates a new campaign, Simple Social Share automatically analyzes every influencer against the campaign’s criteria (e.g. industries, interests, geography, budget, etc.). Those influencers, who meet the customer’s campaign requirements, are invited to participate in that campaign.

    Influencers are deeply motivated to accept only campaigns that they feel will be relevant and valuable to their audience. If an influencer shares a campaign that is not relevant, their Brand Value (and future earnings ability) is significantly and negatively impacted.

    Separately, those influencers who share highly relevant content that drives deep engagement with their social media following are rewarded with higher Brand Values, increasing their future earnings potential.

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