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Two handcrafted posts each week on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.


Weekly, our agents will generate and post engaging content for your Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Having regular social posting is critical to building a social media audience. When creating social posts, we keep a balance of marketing posts — such as specials, or products and services you offer — with interesting content found online.


  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Generate higher converting leads
  • Provide rich customer experiences
  • Increase website traffic and search ranking
  • Build relationships

Social Posting

  • When will I start seeing my posts?

    Following your onboarding call with our strategists, you should start seeing your posts within 5 business days.


    What profiles will you be posting to?

    Our platform allows us to post on your Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and personal and company LinkedIn profiles. Please note that we can only post to profiles to which our team was given access to.


    Can you post a video for me?

    No, at this time, we cannot post videos. We can link to them, however.


    How can I check out future posts?

    Only calendar-based social posting includes post previews or approval.


    Can I request specific posts?

    Yes! Our team requires any specific requests to be submitted at least two weeks in advance.


    Why do you link to websites other than my own?

    In order to keep your posts relevant and appealing to your followers, we will balance information about your business along with interesting articles found about your industry, as discussed in your onboarding call.


    How can I see the posts you did for me in the past?

    Our team will send a monthly report that will list your social posts. You can also view them at any time in the Social Marketing dashboard!


    I have a new social media page. How do I get your team to start posting on it, too?

    You can simply send an email to our team with the login credentials for the page. Once we receive that, your ongoing posts should show up!


    I'm not seeing any new likes on my page. Why not?

    Our service does not include increasing your page following. Rather, we want the posts to organically drive increased traffic to your social media pages.

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