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Offer Wi-Fi to customers, collect their information, and choose how you re-market to them.


Free Wi-Fi has moved from a nice to have to a noticeable customer expectation. Social Powered Wi-Fi allows you to monetize free Wi-Fi services by creating a ‘Free Wi-Fi with Social Connect’ experience which allows you to capture valuable customer social and engagement data for marketing and socially connecting your customers. Automated marketing integrations allows you to send mobile coupons, exclusive offers, email newsletters and timely promotions to customers long after they’ve visited in-store. Meet consumer expectations, grow a loyal customer base, open new communication channels, differentiate your business from the competition and boost sales with a new way to get more out of your Free Wi-Fi. Build long lasting relationships beyond a single visit with a Social Powered Wi-Fi solution.


  • Monetize Your Free Wi-Fi - Stop giving away free Wi-Fi and getting nothing in return. Social Powered Wi-Fi provides an instant and measurable return on your investment.
  • Understand Your Business - Automatically collect customer social and demographic data to get an inside view at your customer base, their likes and interests and how you can create a better consumer-brand relationship.
  • Instant Engagement - Include special offers and promotions in your Free Wi-Fi login experience to drive engagement while customers are in-store.
  • Connect With Your Consumers - Create long lasting connections with your customers both online and offline when you use Social Powered Wi-Fi to send contextual messaging, promotions, coupons, offers and more.
  • Automatic Lead Generation & Engagement - Each customer who connects to your Free Wi-Fi services is another lead on your list! Target your leads with promotion messaging to encourage repeat visits effectively boosting consumer engagement, increasing loyalty and boosting overall revenue.

Social Powered Wi-Fi Marketing

  • What is Social Powered Wi-Fi?

    Social Powered Wi-Fi is a "FREE Wi-Fi with Social Connect" experience that helps local businesses make better business decisions by collecting valuable consumer social and engagement data of connected users. Learn who your most valuable customers are with Social Powered Wi-Fi solution.


    How does Social Wi-Fi work?

    Step 1 - Connect - Customer connects your ’Free Wi-Fi’ on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Step 2 - Login - Customer needs to login with their favorite social media account, email or phone number. Step 3 - Engage - Customer is encouraged to share on Social Media, ‘Like’ the business’ Facebook Page, leave a review or enter a contest. Step 4 - Automate - Automatically send custom notifications and view real-time data such as age, gender, location and interests to understand your customers.


    What is a Social Powered Hotspot device?

    A Social Powered Hotspot looks and smells like a normal router but is preconfigured to manage your Social Wi-Fi user experience.


    I already have a Wi-Fi router, why do I need a new device?

    It is never recommended to share your private Wi-Fi network with public guests. By adding a separate physical Wi-Fi device dedicated for public usage, not only does it make your network more secure, but it also enables a Social Login option that is only available with custom hardware.


    Do you supply me with a Social Powered Hotspot device?

    Yes. You will be provided with one Social Powered Hotspot for your location to run your Social Wi-Fi experience.


    Which social network login options do you support?

    We currently support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram and Vontakte as social connection options for users to use when connecting to Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspot.


    What if I have customers that don’t use social media?

    That's okay. Social Powered Wi-Fi platform gives you the ability to offer login via email address where you can request identifying information in addition to just an email address.


    What is the typical signal range of a Social Powered Hotspot?

    Depending on the conditions of where your Social Powered Hotspot is setup, distances can vary between 50-100 feet. Keep in mind that objects such as metal doors, cinder block walls, concrete walls and glass walls can impact signal range of your Social Powered Hotspot device.


    What is the user limit of a Social Powered Hotspot?

    The Social Powered Hotspot can support up to 32 SIMULTANEOUS USERS on your Social Wi-Fi Network.


    What is the minimum recommended internet speed to use a Social Powered Hotspot?

    We recommend a minimum of 5MB down and 5MB up speed of your internet connection which is much less than your average high speed internet connection speed. Faster Internet connections will result in improved performance for your connected users.


    Will my business/personal Internet be secure?

    Yes! By adding a social login layer you will limit the amount of users who connect to unprotected networks. No more handing out or posting your network's password.


    My business has multiple locations. Can I install Social Wi-Fi at each location?

    Yes, you can install Social Wi-Fi at as many of your business locations as you like. What’s more, you can view reports and data for your business as a whole, or by specific location. You can also run the same campaign across each location or have multiple types of campaigns based on your specific business needs of each location.


    What is a campaign?

    A campaign is your Free Wi-Fi login experience. Campaigns are designed with a set goal in mind such as looking to increase social awareness, boost reputation, get more likes on Facebook, generate leads.


    What type of campaigns can be created?

    Campaigns are created with your business goals in mind. See below for examples: Facebook or Twitter Campaigns Boost social engagement and awareness. Real Time Engagement & Social Sharing Leverage existing coupon and loyalty efforts and drive incremental traffic from Wi-Fi users. Wi-Fi Loyalty & Coupons Drive Wi-Fi traffic to mobile contests and lead generation on-location. Mobile Contests & Lead Generation Ask customer on-location for their feedback and get instantly results quickly and securely. Customer Feedback & Surveys Integrate directly with TripAdvisor for reputation management. Reputation Management Redirect logged in users to Trip Advisor to instantly leave a business review. Reviews Redirect logged in users to Yelp to instantly leave a business review.


    Do repeat users have to login each visit?

    If a customer exceeds their pre-defined session time limit , they will be required to log in again.


    Can I limit the amount of bandwidth and time users can consume?

    Yes! Each location you set up can be adjusted for maximum bandwidth and timed internet access limits.


    Can I see how many of my customers are using my Free Social Wi-Fi experience?

    Yes! MyWiFi includes in depth analytics in your dashboard. You will be able to see who connected, including their social information if they logged in using one of your social apps. How many connections were made in a time frame that you can specify. New vs. returning visitors and even campaign specific statistics.


    What is the user limit of a Social Powered Hotspot?

    The Social Powered Hotspot can support up to 32 SIMULTANEOUS USERS on your Social Wi-Fi Network.

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