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The easiest way to get 15 user-generated VIDEO REVIEWS per month.


The easiest way to get customer-generated VIDEO REVIEWS from anyone, anywhere.


Collect and own powerful star-rated video reviews easily from anyone, anywhere in the world. This package helps your brand drive more awareness and more sales with our friend-to-friend influence feature, so every customer review can influence their friends.


StoryTap | Social Savvy includes:


  • A StoryTap branded recording and sharing experience with your branding featured as a co-brand throughout the experience
  • Up to 15 videos per month (limit or un-limit to 15 video/mo, see FAQ & add-ons)
  • Up to 5 story guides ie company review, product review, employee story
  • Friend-to-friend influencing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Organized video library to download or share by story or sound bite
  • Customizable video release
  • Socially shared call-to-action for those who watch the video e.g. buy now
  • Video analytics and more


  • CUSTOMER-GENERATED: Real, authentic and believable video reviews. Customers record using their phone, tablet or desktop
  • RESULTS: 71% of consumer will purchase after watching a video review. Video reviews drive 80% more conversion.

  • REACH: Imagine friends influencing their friends to buy with their video review? Unpaid media that touches an influenced market that your client’s media budget could never access.

  • SCALED: Customers can record anywhere, in real time. There are no apps to download or plugins required. They receive a link and go!

  • EASY: Launching a video campaign on StoryTap is fast and fun. Users record a video review faster than ever typing one out, and they love it!

  • OWNED: You own the video rights to the videos produced and can measure each videos performance.

  • FAST: Video campaign setup time takes 5 minutes. Customize the type of story, where they record, if you want them to share to their social feeds, and more.

  • ORGANIZED: The ultimate organized video library with analytics, flexible to allow video downloads by story or sound bite.


StoryTap | Social Savvy

  • Why does my brand need StoryTap?

    Video reviews are social proof and will drive conversion rates for your business by up to 80%. But collecting video from customers is hard, really hard (without StoryTap). And collecting great, authentic, marketing-ready video reviews is even harder. Measuring its performance? Nearly impossible! Why is it so hard? Because customers don’t know what to say and on video everyone wants to look and sound smart.

    We often see these three things happen: Customers don’t record even though they say they will, they ramble on and on, or they will read from a piece of paper. And since video files are very large, it's difficult to send or receive them. Plus, customers need to sign a video release.

    What a headache! StoryTap solves all of those pain points and removes these barriers.


    What are some sales and marketing uses of StoryTap?

    Video reviews, video product reviews, “enter to win” campaigns, case studies and content stories, testimonials and more.


    What are some HR use-cases?

    Video interviews, employee testimonials, employee engagement, onboarding feedback, culture building and intranet "about me" videos.


    What are some research use-cases?

    Video surveys, product feedback, customer insights, creative testing and health literacy.


    What is a story prompt? What is a story guide?

    It’s hard to tell a story on video. Average people don’t know what to say. We make it easy, users just fill-in-the-blanks. A story prompt is story suggestion where the end-user will fill in the blanks with their own story like: “Say: Hi, my name is (name), from (city) and I love recording video because…”. The end user might say “Hi, I’m Bernadette, from New York City and I love recording video because it’s fun!” The story prompt will show up on the teleprompter.


    A story guide is the entire story. For example a testimonial story guide might have four story prompts: Introduction, challenge, product review, and the reason for a recommendation—all framed like fill-in-the-blanks story prompts.


    What languages are supported?

    Currently any story guide can be written in any latin language. The platform itself is being sold as English only. If you need other languages, please contact your account administrator for this pricing.


    What happens after sale?

    Upon activation, StoryTap is available through the Business Center. How-to video tutorials are available anytime.


    What parts of StoryTap can be customized?

    With this package you can co-brand the end user experience with your logo. Almost all the copy can be customized and some buttons. A video release template is provided, where the legal name can be edited. Should a fully customized video release be required, please inquire.


    How do I invite customers to record?

    Every video review/ story guide comes with an unique URL link. This will launch a customized version of the story guide that was created for your video reviews. The URL can be emailed, hyperlinked under a button, redirected from a vanity URL or shared on social media. For the best uptake, use our customizable email invite tool and import your client's database from their CRM to ask and remind users to record. The email reminders stop when a video is recorded. How can I thank and/or incentivize my customers for recording a video review?


    How long does it take to launch a StoryTap video campaign?

    You can get a video campaign setup in under 10 minutes. No technical skills required.


    How can I thank and/or incentivize my customers?

    There are two parts to StoryTap’s magic: 1) the collecting of the video reviews or video content and 2) the friend-to-friend influencing (note: this feature is ONLY available on Social Savvy package or Brand Boss package). To simply collect the video, it’s an ask. It’s always nice to thank your customers for recording a video review for you/taking the time to do it. This is not an incentive, its just saying “thanks, we appreciate you”. We see results with a simple $25 credit to your service, or even a gift certificate for 5 cups of coffee. Now, asking your customers to share to their friends on social (again note: available only on Social Savvy package or Brand Boss package) with StoryTap, you can see analytics of that share, track it, see what people are saying about it,and drive traffic back to your site or to buy. For this you need to incentivize (if you’re a for-profit company). We see best results with “Please share with your friends. By doing so, you automatically enter to win X” and have X valued at $200, could be a visa gift card, a dinner out etc. and ensure they understand the odds are great!


    What devices are supported?

    Your users can record from any modern smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop with a camera and an internet connection.


    Will my users need to download anything?

    No, StoryTap runs on the users internet browser, no plugins, apps to download or fancy technical hoops to jump through.


    What counts as a video?

    A video is only counted against your limit when it is completed and sent to you.


    Does StoryTap have any content policies?

    Yes. StoryTap loves creativity. However, StoryTap adheres to standard social media policies found within Facebook, Twitter etc. Learn more at


    What happens when I hit my video limit?

    You can limit or unlimit how many videos you can collect per month. If your limit, ie Social Savvy is 15 videos per month and you decide to limit it to 15 videos, then you’d also be able to write the copy for when the 16th person wants to record. This could say “Thanks, but our cup runneth over, we’re not accepting anymore videos”. If you decide to keep it open and unlimit the amount of video, you’ll only be able to access/download your 15 video at first. Then, you can unlock the rest of the videos, you’ll need to add more videos to your package to unlock the rest. We keep unpaid for videos in the library for 30 days.


    Is there a resource for technical support:

    Yes. We have support on the platform, and you can also contact us at


    Who owns and can download the video asset?

    You own and can download the videos. The person recording will grant whatever legal name is included within the video release (that you enter). Then, the video is yours to use and share.

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